Electrode Focus
Electrode design solution which can streamline and automate electrode modeling, design, validate, and final document
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  • Electrode modeling
Electrode modeling automatically creates electrodes without separating and editing it.
Rib draft modeling function creates an inclined rib electrode shape in a rib slot of a constant thickness.
Smart remove function can easily remove unnecessary parts while maintaining the electrode face.
  • Auto electrode modeling
  • Rib draft modeling
  • Smart remove
  • Electrode blank
Electrode blank function adds an electrode blank to the electrode shape and automatically create the appropriate sized blank in the DB.
You can
  • Automatically creates a rounded-up reference point
  • Support an angle electrode blank for angle electrode shape
  • Blank preview
  • Various methods (set size/ set margin/ use DB) to set blank size
  • Extending the side face of the electrode shape to the blank
  • Support 1 step or 2 step blank
  • Easy settings for reference point and reference face
  • Electrode drawing
  • Electrode placement sheet
  • Electrode BOM
  • Angle electrode coordinate
Electrode drawing function creates drawings or excel sheets for both CNC and EDM.
Electrode placement sheet function shows the position of all electrodes in one drawing.
Electrode BOM function exports electrode material sheet and part list.
Angle electrode coordinate function annotates the coordinates of the start and end point for angular EDM.
  • Electrode drawing
  • Electrode placement
  • Electrode BOM
  • Angle electrode